Guess who I saw today? The halls of the geography building were once again graced by the presence of Jake the snake. I was hoping I would have a little bit more time before I saw him again but no. I thought this encounter would be like all the others I had had with him but I was pleasantly surprised he didn't really say much to me even though we were the only two people in the break room but I didn't mind. He was waiting for the honors advisor to come in and had apparently been there for a while. I had the advisor as a teacher last year while I was pregnant and he loved me. For those of you who have heard it, he sounds like the bird who sings the color song on the Disney songs collection when he talks. He loved me because he loves babies and his children weren't having any. When he finally did come in he walked right past jake and started talking to me about my classes and Isabella. This only irked Jake further. When Dr. Gade was done talking to me he said hello to Jake,who then proceeded to tell him how unprofessional he was for being late and not talking to him first. What happened next was something I would've loved to see everyone do when Jake said something rude. Dr. Gade started to chase Jake around the room punch him in the stomach (hard) and make fun of him. It took all myself control to not run into the hallway and yell fight!, so everyone could enjoy it as much as I did. By the way,this professor is in his mid 60's and Jake is like 23.


I guess you early risers can start calling me in the morning now. Apparently Isabella is suffering from separation anxiety. I knew babies would cry when you left and stuff like that but I had no idea how it really affects them. Apparently when babies are separated from their primary care giver they have severe adjustment problems. The first thing to change is their sleeping schedule. They start to wake up in the middle of the night and cry for you. I thought this meant that I might hear her whimper every once in a while but no. This means blood curdling screams even after they pass out. The only way to get them quite is to go in and touch or whisper to them. Isabella has perfected this. She will only sleep for about two hours at a time at night without waking up and maybe one hour during the day. It is like having a newborn again but the bottle doesn't sooth her. She also will not lay down. She keeps herself stiff as a board so you cant set her down. Next come the eating problems. She will only eat about half of her meal. She just cries and whines the whole time, tries to spit the food out or blow it off the spoon. Overall she is super moody and wants me or josh to hold her but then when we pick her up she just cries like she is fussing at us for leaving her. I hate school!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, here's the thing. Why do people assume that just because I am a mother I get up before 8:00am? Just because your children don't sleep past 8 doesn't mean that everyone else's don't. I happen to be blessed with a baby who likes to sleep in. In fact I usually have to wake her up around 9:00am. I think appropriate phone hours to call someone should be from 9:30-10:00am until 9:30 pm. That is unless you have been told to call earlier or later than that. I like to take advantage of all the sleeping time I could possibly have and when someone calls to early then I can't go back to sleep and I don't want to get up. So please, DON'T CALL BEFORE 9:00 AM!!!!! ( unless someone is bleeding or broken).


As I was poking around in Isabella's mouth yesterday I discovered something. She has cut another tooth!!! She is getting pretty good at this. She now has two lower front teeth. I can't wait for them to grow in so everyone can see them when she smiles. It will be so cute.

I'm sure this news will make some of you sad but I am thrilled. Jake the snake graduated last semester so I will no longer be graced with his presence on a regular basis. He seems like one of those guys who graduates and never goes away though so I think there will still be the occasional post about him. I have run a little dry on people who annoyed me that I am allowed to write about but I am sure that will change when I go back to school next week so fear not. Since I haven't put any pictures up here in forever, here you go.

I am pretty sure my baby has the longest tongue ever (besides that guys from KISS)

this is my brother matt and his daughter Stella (she's German)


I am debating on whether I am going to tell any family holiday stories. A good reason not to is because both of our families read this site and I don't really need the drama right now. Something exciting did happen over the break though. Isabella cut her first tooth on her seven month birthday. It only took her about ten hours to get it out. The thing that really sucked about it was that while she was crying we were on a charter bus with about 45 high school kids coming back from Florida. Isa was very brave about it though. She keeps sucking on her bottom lip so she can rub her lip on her new tooth. I can't wait until it is big enough that you can see it when she smiles.
I will try to think of a cool story about the break that wont get anyone in trouble but that might be hard.