I few days before my summer classes stared Isabella decided to get up at 3:3:00am. I brought her to be with us to sleep thinking I could get a little more sleep. This was only a fantasy however because even though I managed to get her back to sleep she tossed and turned the whole time and kept hitting me. So I layed there and she was up bright and early at 6:00am. This gave me the perfect opportunity to visit with Josh before he left for work but I was soooo tired I could barely keep my eyes open. Needless to say, Isabella had a lot of fun with him before he left. As soon as he walked out the door she crashed. She did not sleep though. She just crawled over to her recliner and layed down. Once josh had left and the excitement died down I realized how cold it was at that hour of the morning (we had left a window open and it had rained). I went and got Isa a jacket so she wouldn't not get cold and I layed on the couch. She came over to me after a minute and pulled herself up and layed down with me, which I thought was pretty darn cute. She got bored with that after a while and climbed down so she could return to her chair. I was afraid she was still cold so I went and put her blanket in the dryer for a while and then put it on her and wrapped her in another blanket resulting in the contented look you see here.

She ended up laying there watching her movie for a long time which isn't really like her

all this relaxing resulted in the sleepy look seen here

all in all it was a very exhausting but fun morning. I just hope she doesn't do that all the time.


A Little Dangerous

Josh had a really busy weekend last weekend because of band and chorus concerts every day. On Sunday after the chorus concert (which was great!) we turned onto hwy 421 and something caught my eye on the side of the road. I turned to get a better look only to realize that it was one of the roadside memorials. You know the ones, they have the pastel floral crosses and pictures or candles or just little things that remind them of the person who died there. It suddenly hit me that I was staring and I had an epiphany. Those things are really dangerous and slightly ironic. It was a good thing i wasn't driving. I mean, this person's loved one died at that very place, so they decided to put a bunch of stuff right there in the same spot that is obviously dangerous so that you will look and remember their friend or family member. If the road is so dangerous there then why would they try to have you take your eyes of the road for even a second! It just seems to me that this should be illegal. What do you guys think?


One Day I Pooed the Biggest Poo I Ever Met

I just checked my email and I got a funny one. My friend lance is writing a book with funny quotes from three year olds and the title was one of them. The pint is to remind adults about the innocence of being a child. The funniest part about it was that it reminded me of another story me friend "sharlene" (name has been changed) told our group of friends one Sunday afternoon. I don't know why but we started talking about peoples regularity and "sharlene" decided to share with the group that "she had pooed such a big poo that it stuck out of the water" we all burst out laughing and picked on her about it for a while. The next Sunday she once again pipes up and says that "it wasn't that big, the water in her toilet bowl was just low". The damage had already been done though. We still pick on her about it (obviously). I guess the point is that just because you talk about your poo doesn't mean you are an innocent child.

I have decided to change the name of my blog every once in a while to liven things up. This particular title refers to a problem I had last week. I have been doing some work for my dad. He wants his driveway widened. This means using a shovel and a pickaxe (for the rocks) to dig into the hill by his driveway. This is super hard to do. I could barely lift my arms or grasp anything for a few days after working on this project. Well, when you try to break the boulders little pieces fly everywhere. I thought I would be fine if I wore safety goggles but apparently not. When I got home later that day I started to have pains in my chestal area when ever I picked up Isa or anything touched me. I was getting worried because I thought it might be something serious. I found out later when I was getting in the shower that it was nothing to be worried about, just some rocks in my bra form the shower of rock shards I had earlier.