As i was running yesterday i ran past someone who was walking home from class. when i reached them they looked up and said, "good job". i wondered why. i was after all running down hill. after a few minutes it occurred to me that i was the only person running.

i have been running three times, including yesterday, when there hasn't been anyone else running. the first was a day it rained and we had a home football game. the second was during a windy snowstorm when the temp was in single digits and then yesterday during a cold rain/sleet. i also had a neighbor say i must be pretty intense to run in this weather. when i got home i told josh and his response was, "what should you do, take the day off?"

it is just funny because i have tried to get people in the ward to run with me but they wont go because i am to "intense". the thing is i don't go fast. to them i am intense because i run every other. i always chuckle when they tell me this because i know exactly how relaxed i am compared to most runners.

cute isa


My Girl

I told isabella to put her pajamas on tonight and she started whining. She said she couldn't do it but I knew she could because she has every toher night. I got out her pajamas for her and went to do this dishes. I then heard her starting to whine and cry. It would get ouder toward the end so I knew she was trying to force what ever she was doing to work. We have really been trying to get her to ask for help when she needs it instead of crying and screaming so I didn't go in. This went on for a few minutes and finally stopped so I figured she was dressed. I went into her room to say prayer and this is what I saw.

She was pretty upset when I came in and didn't want me to take any pictures but when I told her how cute she looked she agreed.

After the first two pictures she got tired of waiting for me to help and started pulling at it again.

I feel bad but a laughed pretty hard.