You Bring Out The Worst In Me

I am a good driver.  I have only had my car involved in 2 accidents my whole life and I wasn't even in the car for one of those.  I am hardly ever in a situation where I almost get in an accident.  This number has gone up drastically in the last four years.  I only have one thing to say about that.

Texas, YOU SUCK!!

OK, OK.  We all know I have WAY more than one thing to say about everything.

There I was driving back from the hospital.  Again.  We were at a new hospital today so I was being extra observant, about where I was and where I needed to go, when I came up to this interchange.

It's nasty with a bunch of lanes and levels going this way, that way and back around again.  It can be easy to get in the wrong lane if you're not careful and sometimes that can land you several miles of back tracking by the time you find a place to get turned around.  Needless to say, I made sure I was in the lane I needed.   The lady to my left did not but thought she did.

Here is a close up of the altercation in question.  Let's pretend I'm the car with the red dot.  Please take note that the arrows painted on the road and on a sign directly on the left side of the road say my lane and her lane can turn left.  So, on the other side of those two bridges (just like that little white car) I proceeded to turn left, into my designated lane.  She also turned left.  Into my lane!  Some yelling and gesturing ensued.  I wont say by who.

Listen lady!  (yes it was a woman)  Just because you chose the lane that went back around doesn't mean you can wide turn!  Your left turn only lane doesn't mean you get first bids on lanes once you turn! It means you have to take the closest lane!  I bet you failed math. I have never come so close to getting out of my car and going a little Burke County all over you and your pissy passenger!!  LEARN TO DRIVE!!!!!

I know she wont read this.  I think that is what bothers me the most.  She thinks I was wrong!  Me!  I don't ask for a lot in life.  I just want stupid people to KNOW they are stupid.  Is that really too much to ask?


Always The Flower Girl, Never The Bridesmaid

This past weekend the girls were in a friend's wedding.  Both of them.  Did I mention Josh was a groomsmen?  Well, he was.  It was an "interesting" day.  I'll just go ahead and say we will never agree for more then half the family to be in the same wedding again.  Even if we love you.  No, I should say, because we love you.
Isa was a pro as usual but Emmeline only liked how cute she looked standing up for 5 minutes at a time and then she was more interested in seeing how she looked upside down.  I fixed her hair a lot.
Josh got a free pass on child care for the day since he had to be with the groom and all.  Well, maybe not free.  I'll cash that one in later.
To keep Emmeline busy we did some of her oral exercises in the mirror.





She eve took a little power nap ;)

Sadly I got no pictures of them actually going down the isle because I somehow ended up being the child wrangler in the waiting area until the got through the door and then I couldn't exactly sneak in behind then :(  Josh said they were adorable and did a great job.
The flower girls got to come sit down after walking down the isle which was good.  Not good enough for Emmeline though.  I think I got to see about 3 minutes of the ceremony and spent the rest of the time with this.

Isa was of course an angel...when she wasn't bored.

With the cool chalkboard

Awkwardly we ended up right outside the front door just at the Bride and Groom came out and would have had their 15 seconds of privacy before everyone else followed.  So me.

Emmeline is more then a little obsessed with the Bride and Groom and she kept going up to them and wanting them to dance with her or hold her.  It was cute at first.

The girls were pretty wiped out afterward.  They danced VERY hard.

A Pro picture.


What If There Are Two Birds?

I recently downloaded the Disney Junior app for the iPad.  Emmeline really likes it because it will have 1-3 episodes of all the shows.  The one she has really taken too is Doc McStuffins.  I hate this show.  It's not that it annoys me like say, Barney does.  I dislike it for other reasons.

First, this kid might have a mental disorder.  She makes everyone actually call her "Doc"?  Is she a dwarf or a schizophrenic?  What is your real name?!

Second, The "check up" song really gets under my skin.

Time for a checkup - Time for a checkup. 
I am gonna Check your ears, check your eyes, find out how much you've grown. 
(Time for a checkup) 
I am gonna listen to your heart beat, fix you up - ready to go. 
(Time for a checkup) 
It's ok if you giggle. This will only tickle a little. 
Time for a checkup - Time for a checkup.

I have been to many a check up where not only did Emmeline NOT giggle but it definitely DIDN'T tickle.
Talk about misleading kids!  I can see it now, some kid who believes sweet Doc will go for their check up and then have their world come tumbling down because their vaccinations didn't tickle at all!  Also , doctors can't always "fix you up".

Third, as a child who slept with ALL my stuffed animals on my bed so none would feel left out, I do not think it is a good idea to have toys come to life.  I think is turns children into stuffed animal hoarders.  They can't give it away!  It's alive!  This was only made worse by the most recent episode to post on the app where a toy is shocked to find out she is in a yard sale.  She is confused and betrayed that her human friend apparently doesn't love her anymore!  "Doc" finally convinces her that if they confront the little girl in question they are sure to find out it was all a mistake.  And what do you know?  The little girl does say she LOVES her toys and would NEVER get rid of them.  Does Disney own A&E?

Lastly I find the sassy black hippo nurse offensive.  I'll leave it at that.