A Long Time Coming

It has taken me a very long time to get this post together. every time i tried it brought back so many painful memories. it is hard to accept that fact that Emmeline's life has been so eventful/miserable so far. i am just very very glad she wont remember what has happened to her. i only wish i couldn't either. Here are a few pictures of the last 4 months. it feels like alot longer then that. i am pretty sure i am missing some but maybe i just intended to take a picture of some stuff and then didn't. if i find them i will post them later.

this is em and Is when she is like 2 days old and looking a little yellow.

Aunt Terra look these pictures right before everything fell apart.

Before the flash woke her up.

This is Emmeline right before her first surgery. she hadn't eaten in like 7 hours at this point.

Post surgery with her head IV. it took them awhile and that was all they could get. the blue tube is blow by O2. she really hated that b/c it was very cold. a very nice lady made that blanket for the kids in the hospital. It has a hood.

Looking like and anorexic Buddah. that band aid cracks me up.

Isa came with us to winston when Em was admitted. this was the day before the crash.

she is actually sleeping well here. The glowing hand is the O2 sensor so we would know when her airway collapsed.

The next morning i woke up to nurses bagging em. within 30 minutes we had more doctors then i could count in the room and more in the hall way. shortly after that the took her to the PICU and when they let me in she looked like this. I wasn't ready for that.

She had had two surgeries at this point and we thought we were going to go home soon. boy where we wrong.

One of the few times she wasn't hooked up to so much stuff that i couldn't hold her.

After her third surgery right after being extubated. you can see a notch cut out of the ring on the passy. that was so she could suck on it while she had the breathing tube in.

She had to have a barium swallow before the g-tube was placed. this was her all strapped in. it was pitiful looking.

Top view in the barium swallow.

Her very last picture whole.

This is what she looked like after she got back from recovery from the g-tube surgery. very cuddly and small.

She was in the hospital for Halloween. she actually had her g-tube placed that day. we had to dress her up though. the nurses loved it!

Josh took this. it only shows part of all the machines that she was using. it looks like she is in a prison in hell.

Sleeping through the hunger. they had to work up to a regular feed over several days and she was starving.

The passy holder.

cozy with the O2 after a bath.

We have taken so many more picture of her but i wanted to try and give you a glimpse of what her life was like from birth to when we finally cam home. i will show you how fat she has gotten later.


Christmas Pictures

Katie and i decided to take some Christmas pictures. this was much easier said then done. either way we preserved the memory.

Isabella was having some stiffness troubles.

Clovis don't like to be touched.

she will consider letting you take her pictures. if you are good.

The best I could do.

Pretty darn cute I think.


The Nutcracker 2008

Isabella was in her first ballet in December. she absolutely loved it. she sat still and watched the entire two hour ballet. she can't wait to get big enough to do the lifts and things. ballet has been her one escape from the house in the last 6 months. josh and i really try and make sure she gets to go every week. for the ballet she had to have curly hair. since she has the same hair i had at her age i knew it would be nearly impossible to keep it curly. so we had to use sponge curlers with a massive amount of hair gel and hair spray and we got the cutest little ringlets. here she is with all her curlers in holding Em. Em has chunked up quite nicely eh?

putting make up on for the first time. she was super excited.

after we got her whole costume on.

Dancing while she waited to go on.

Little angels in a row. well, kind of.

Silly pose.

her and her friend Kendall

posing with the flowers daddy got her on the stage. she could barely hold them up.

ballet is so great for isa. since she can't be in school right now it is the only time she is with other kids her age. and for the first time since she was born i think she has more girl friends then boy friends. i can't wait for her spring ballet.