It's There

So i feel way bigger then i look in this picture but it gives you the idea. i still just look like i am getting fat in some outfits. i am trying to wear more maternity clothes to avoid confusion. i did have several people still say they couldn't tell i was pregnant though. a feel bigger now then i did when i went into labor with isa. josh swears i am not but he kind of has to.



I just checked my blog and saw my ticker. i am under 100 days left. i can't believe that i am almost 26 weeks pregnant. weird.


just want to sleep

I wonder how my body can be so tired but my brain can't stop. sometimes i wish i was like data on star trek and could just push a button on my neck that shut me down to sleep. my whole body is exhausted. i mean if i was my body i would be exhausted from just trying to circulate blood through my pregnant duck body. it seems mean that when your muscles are tired and you are trying to rest them they ache. um, hello that keeps me awake. what gives?


several things

first, i went to the dr today. isa came with me because it is the same midwife that delivered her and they wanted to see each other. isa thought it was really cool when they drew my blood and made sure i was ok and that the band aid was sticking ok. then she helped the midwife by finding the baby's heart beat. the baby even tried to run away but isa chased her and never lost the heart beat. she also measured my stomach. all in all she loved it. she told me she wants to be a dr when she grows up.

if you haven't seen the finale to top chef don't continue reading!

second, LISA LOST!!!! i am so excited that lisa lost top chef. i told josh i wont ever watch it again if lisa won. i am a little sad for richard but i am pretty sure i would have been sad for stephanie too. i really liked them both. i am a little more excited that stephanie won though since she is the first girl to ever win. Girl Power! and not the creepy lesbian kind.



so as many of you know i used to spend quite a bit of time playing harry potter trivia on facebook. my brother was trying to catch up with me but quickly realized i was wasting much more time then him and that there was no way to catch me.

with the move and being sick and all i haven't had the chance to play much in the last few months. well, i am sad to say that i just checked my rank. i am no longer in the top 100 players. i am now ranked 101 out of 239603. sad day. granted it will only be like that for a while. anyone who knows me knows i can't leave it like that, so in a bout five minutes i plan to rectify the situation.


an early day

well, it was for us anyway. my baby turned 5 yesterday. i still can't believe it. she is so big. i felt sick all day yesterday and thinking that i had been in labor 5 years ago didn't help.

we had an ultrasound yesterday and that is why we had to get up early. the Dr office was 40 minutes away and the appointment was at 8:45. we were all tired. Isa was a little out of control. we had to wait for the Dr forever. if i didn't need the ultrasound i would have left. i still have the previa which isn't very fun. i have my next ultrasound in august and we will find out then if i need a c-section.

we also found out that we are having..........................................

a GIRL!!!!

Isa is very excited. it was a great birthday present for her. i would post pictures except that ultrasound machine the Dr used was super old and you can't really tell what anything is. they are actually pretty scary looking. i was disappointed.

it occurred to me that everyone i know who is pregnant is having a girl. the dating pool for these girls is going to be really shallow. poor things.