I guess is has been a while. Life has been pretty hectic but I have survived:) Isabella has bee growing like a weed. She has started looking like a real little person instead of a baby which makes me kind of sad. I was sitting around the other day wondering what all this busyness has accomplished. So here are some products I am particularly proud of.

This shows land use/landclass for the basin

This shows the hillshade of the elevation in the basin

This is the slope in cool colors

This is the final model of the basin in 3D with the rivers, lakes, roads and buildings.
It took my 11 weeks and countless hours in the computer lab using weird equipment as well as several hours in the field to produce these maps. It is a map of the winkler creek drainage basin (a drainage basin is an area where all the streams flow into winkler creek or whatever stream you have chosen).
I guess this could be pretty boring for some people but I just wanted you guys to see what has been keeping me from posting for so long. hopefully that will change now:)