The Master Plan...Too Many Jack London Quotes?

It's probably no secret that I have had a hard time living in Texas.  The heat alone is a deal breaker for this winter loving girl.  With this being our very probable last year here I have been getting antsy for the next phase.  This has made it even harder than normal to wait.  I don't really do 'wait'.  This coupled with the fact that I am being driven crazy by 2-3 hours minimum in the car everyday, I had to find an outlet.
I love to organize so I have been organizing anything I could.  It is like nesting but worse.  Probably bordering on some obsessive disorder but after watching hoarders I feel much better about my choices. After running out of closets and such to organize I started getting tense.  This led me to an epiphany!
I have/had a HUGE 'Things I Would Make' Pinterest board.  I say 'had' because I have done some cleanup there as well so some stuff got the ax.  Anyway, I have decided that for the next 6-8 months I am going to try and make as many of the things on my 'I Would Make' board as I can.  When I complete a pin I will move it over to the 'things I made' board. It's a nice little way to double check it off :)  Since the pins wont actually show my finished product I will also post each completed project here along with (hopefully) pictures and a price breakdown.  I know I get irritated when I start a craft not knowing how much it will cost in the end.  Some of those pins are pricey!
Hopefully my new plan will stave off insanity and many whiny boring blog posts between now and next summer.

I'm going to cheat this time though and post links to a couple of ones I have already made. I figure it counts because I just got to move them on my boards so...

My Tulle Wreath  The beginning of this post is about a map project that is on the top of my new to do list :) This one ended up costing me $2. I got the Tulle on a spool from Hobby Lobby (my favorite crafting store!) when it was 50% off, which happens fairly frequently, for $1.50.  I got the wreath base for .50 from the Target dollar spot after Christmas.  I lucked out on the wreath because since it was a dark color I didn't need to paint or cover the base. If you aren't so lucky you can just get a can of the .97 Walmart spray paint.

Here is a picture of the pin

Harry Potter Wands  This one also includes the Dobby ears I made but sadly that isn't a pin. For the wands I got a pack of chopsticks for the DollarTree for, you guessed it $1.  I got several packs of whatever beads were on clearance at the craft store. These were .50 for each pack and I got three.  It doesn't matter what color because you paint over them.  I got 3 shade of paint at .53 per bottle and a TON of glue sticks for $3.99.  So total $8.08.  That might sound like quite a bit for one craft (it does to me) but the bulk of that was paint and glue, both of which will be used on other projects too.

Here is the wand pin picture


Anonymous said...

What are you going to do with a bunch of Harry Potter wands?

Megan said...

Be awesome of course! We use them for dress up :)