Felt Pine Cones

I had a really hard time tracking down the directions for these things!  All the links to the ones I wanted didn't go anywhere.  Eventually I succeeded though.  They looked so cute and fuzzy so how could i resist?

 The directions seemed simple enough.  Iron wax paper onto felt.  Not easy. The wax paper kept pulling off of the felt and clinging to the static on the iron.  Not easy.

Then Cut out your "petals" using the template.

 I will say that I stupidly assumed you only needed one of each letter.  Make sure you cut out enough of each.  It's different for each letter.  Also, cutting all this felt will not only take FOREVER but will also dull your scissors super fast so be prepared for that.  I'm too lazy to sharpen mine so just got another pair.


 Then you start putting the "petals" on in their designated order. put a small piece of coordinating color felt in between each layer.  

 On my first batch I would do one and then cut it off the dowel rod and start the next one.  This didn't work well as the rod was then rough on the end and snagged on the felt.

 instead I recommend just pushing them down toward the end when you are done and then cutting them apart last.

I thought I took picture of the stem but apparently not.  Basically you cut a little circle out of whatever color and cut a hole in it.  Then string a narrow strip of felt through it and hot glue it to the bottom after you have trimmed the dowel.

Pine cones. 

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