DIY Costume Props

I got too much stuff when I was thinking of how to make Dobby's ears.  I ended up not needing the dark brown at all.    

 I basically folded the felt around the headband and lined up the two opposite corners.  I glued that part first so I could keep everything lined up.  I will also say here that I ended up not keeping it on this hard headband.  Once the felt was glued it wouldn't lay flat so I switched it to a stretchy headband.  

 I just glued around the edge and trimmed off any excess fabric so get the ear shape I wanted.  Then bunched up and glued like CRAZY

 Here is the elf "posing"

 "Are you still here?"

 Next we did the wands.  I found a very cool tutorial for these wands here.  It calls for wooden chopsticks, hot glue, beads of varying sizes, and several shades of brown paint.

First cover the area you want to be the handle in hot glue.  I did not get a picture of the next step but when the glue is warm but not hot you roll it between your palms to shape it.  You can add several layers, which is what we did to build up a bigger handle.  Then add what ever texture you want on your wand.  We rolled some in beads and some we just made textures with more hot glue.

Here are a few finished but unpainted. 

 Then paint them in whatever shade of brown you would like.

 If you're lucky you'll get to have a big mess like me.  I had already cleaned up twice by now.

 Our pile of painted wands.

For Hermione's scarf I have not tips.  Other then get a sister who knits and crochets to make it for you ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that reading craft-related blog posts reduces my testosterone levels.

The costumes are highly cute though. What are you going to do with all those used wands? Dress-up inventory? --Matthew

Megan said...

yeah. the girls are still playing with them pretty regularly so it seems worth the storage space.