Yarn Wrapped Letters

This one I chose basically because I got some SUPER cheap multicolored yarn at Walmart that I really liked and I don't knit so...

Once again I didn't take any during pictures.  Hopefully I'll get better about that.  But in my defense my fingers were covered in glue which I didn't really want on my phone. 

I used Elmer's glue because that way I would accidentally glue myself to the letters, which is what would happen with super glue. I basically glue and wrap small sections at a time, overlapping when I needed to.  You will end up with some spaces on the end corners that you can't wrap so I just cut small lengths of yarn and glued those down to cover the exposed letter. You can see a part I was messy on on the bottom corner of the middle line of the E.  See?  My messiness comes in handy! Teaching opportunities, not only can you see what I mean about covering the ends but you will also learn from my messy mistake :)

Here they are with the hanging ribbon added.  I hadn't really thought about that until I looked back at the pin.  They also had some cute flowers added as well but I'm I didn't do that...Dang it! now I feel guilty!  Fine I'll do it.

I started by tracing a CD on some felt. Then cut it into a snailish shape, leaving a whole in the middle (you'll have a small circle of felt left).

Then roll it up

 Here is me rolling the red one

 With flowers!

On these size letters the CD template was a little big so I used a sippy cup on the next one and then just tiny circles on the little ones.  I just eyeballed those.

Here is the pin picture

Breakdown: $2.49 each for the letters.  I didn't get those one sale but you could if you were patient, they go on sale pretty frequently.  The felt is .25 each but I had some left over from another project so I'll call it .20 for both colors. The ribbon was also from another project but I used about 12 inches total for them and it was $1.50 for 3 yards so .17.  the Yarn for wrapping was .75 for one spool and this took a bit more than 1 (they were small) so $1. Totaling $6.35 for both.  I hope the girls like them! :)

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Crazy cute!