I Have Tulle!

So on Saturday we had a weird day.  Josh was actually home most of the day!  This meant that the girls were all over him, which in turn meant they weren't all over me. YAY!  So I decided I wanted to make something. I got on my "Things I would make" board on Pinterest and selected this beauty.

I had almost forgotten about it but my sister, Terra, mentioned it when she was hear.  So I spent all this time printing out a huge map and taping it together to take with me to the hardware store to make sure the boards were long enough.  It took forever.  I decided to take a break and scan my Facebook before heading out.  Big mistake;  apparently it was 108 with the heat index and I had already showered that day.  So...no cool wooden map today.

I was pretty bummed since I had already gotten by creative juices flowing, which is no small task for me.  Then I ran across this. But it takes a ton of tulle :(

Then I remembered that I had previously tried to make this, but failed miserably.

This was when I realized, hey, I have tulle! And luck would have it I also had a wreath form :)
So I set to work.  Luckily I had purchased a spool of tulle, a spool of tulle, a spool of tulle, I made a tongue twister! Anyway, I had a spool of tulle to make a beltish accessory for my skirt, which made it way easier since I only had to make one cut for each strand.

So basically you cut 24-28 inch pieces of tulle, I ran out of y spool before I was done so I have to cut out a bunch of long rectangular pieces out of my failed skirt.  Not fun at all.
Then you fold the each piece in half and loop it through.  Pretty basic.  You just do it over and over and over...

 I decided to put it on our huge main wall and luckily Josh likes it.  I want to add a big tulle accent bow to the bottom left side to take down the "Halloween" look of it.

 This was supposed to show the accent bow but in black, yeah you can't really see it...

At least I got to make something semi quick and in the AC!


Terra said...

I guess I should tell you that I'm working on your tulle skirt RIGHT NOW.

Megan said...