Felt Christmas Trees

I thought these trees were pretty cute but of course the link didn't actually send you somewhere with directions.  Boooo. I still couldn't resist trying a variation.

We started with 1 medium and one small cardboard tree forms.  It was probably more difficult for me to wrap them then it should have been.  I'm not good with curved lines.  Just wrap it however you want in whatever colors you like.  Smaller trees are easier.  I used hot glue, and tried to line up my yucky seams in one place so that could be the back

 Here they are pre-embellishment.

Isa found this super cute nutcracker ribbon and neither of us could resist. Just put a little bit of hot glue on at a time so you have time to line up your ribbon before it cools.  Also, if you are going to have a front and back be sure to line up your ribbon seams with your felt seams.

 All the way around

 I had this pink and red ribbon left over from a previous project and they worked great!

I was trying to change up the patterns a bit.  Just put it on however you want.

 Isa got this little scrapbooking kit at the dollar store that has been sitting in my craft stuff for years and I found these little gems in there.

I got these little glitter sprigs at Hobby Lobby last year for a wreath and never made it.  They worked great here so I just clipped off the individual balls and used them.

 The cute little pink star!  If you want ribbon on the top the star will help cover the glue spot.

These buttons were also in the kit 

 Finished trees.  I had a ton of fun with these.  Thank goodness I had my resident designer (Isa) to give me advice :)  A very cute addition to your decorations.

Price Breakdown:
3 pieces of felt .25 each totaling .75.  Even though I bought the pink and red ribbon for something else I'll count it here.  I bought each spool for .98 so came up with 1.5 feet of pink and 2.5-3 feet of red.  I am most probably overestimating here but better safe than sorry. I'm calling it .75 for P and R ribbon.  The Nutcracker ribbon was $1.50.  The forms were $3.58 for both with a 20% off coupon. The little ball sprigs were 1.79 for 2 but I only used a few so I'm calling it .50. Totaling --- $7.08

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