Animal Inside Out

Every other week Isa and I try to go the Perot Museum for science.  This week we included the traveling exhibit, Animal Inside Out.  Isa has been begging to go so I finally caved.  I knew if I kept waiting the exhibit would probably leave and she would never forgive me.  She loved it but I did discover that she REALLY doesn't like to pose with her back to the animals.  I think she thought it was going to turn into Night at the Museum and they might come to life.

First we came to the squid.  I think she was OK here because they were behind glass.

 They had these CT slices of animals hung all over the place.  They were pretty interesting.

 Isa really liked the ducks

 The reindeer. Notice that she is off to the side and slightly facing them. Apparently both male and females grow and shed their antlers annually.

 Camel mommy and baby.  Apparently they didn't know the camel was pregnant when they donated her. They sliced her head into 3 pieces so you can see all the layers. you can see behind Isa's once again sideways stance that there are three heads.

 This one shows their teeth and the little pods that cover their cheeks to protect them from cacti when they eat.

 Check out those lashes!  Much be a Harris.

 This picture does not do justice to the pure size of this bull.  There was no way Isa was standing anywhere near it!

 She loves giraffes and still wouldn't stand at the base of this.

 Sideways running shot.

It was really impressive.  They had a TON more that I didn't post.  There were some very interesting models of the circulatory system in the animals as well at specific organ comparisons.  We chose to skip the human at the end as it was a man and Isa wasn't very interested in the whole preserved genitals situation going on there.

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