Slice and Dice

So I have no become the only member of our family to have not had surgery.  Isa went under the knife to have her adenoids removed. This post is VERY delayed.  

Looks happy enough.  Especially considering she had the 2:30pm surgery slot.  She was pretty hungry.

  Last picture with all her body parts.  Many people told me that after they gave her the "giggle juice" I should video her because she would get really silly.  I kept asking and she just kept saying "I'm fine mom!" and kept playing Minecraft.  I was a little let down.  At least I would have recovery right?

Not quite.  She ended up being a weepy drunk.  She just kept tearing up and being really pitiful :) She really wasn't pleased that they put the IV in her ankle.

She was pinching the popsicle stick so hard the pulse ox kept alarming and she was totally confused when i kept telling her why.  She even looked sad at the popsicle.

She did great though except she heard the nurse telling what the possible side effects might be so of course she had ALL of them for DAYS!  Overall, Emmeline is the best post op patient in the family.

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Risë Harris said...

I'm glad she did well. Still laughing at the last part :)