ASL Clock

This is one that I pinned intending to make it right away and then kept putting it off.  I figured it wasn't a rush since Emmeline can't really tell time yet and I was making it for her.  In retrospect I wish I had taken more pictures during. I'm the worst at that.  I never think about pictures until the end. I should have done a picture of it on the wall but I'll just say that I couldn't quite bring myself to hang it in Emmeline's room where I wouldn't get to see it very often so I put it in the dining room instead.  Anyway, here it is.

I sculpted the hands using Sculpey oven drying clay.  It comes in a TON of colors!  I will say that even though I didn't use any metallic colors on the clock, I did use them on another project.  They are SUPER hard to work with and don't really soften when you knead them.

Overall It didn't take a huge amount of time once you figure out how to mold the hands. Just start with a pudgy oval and then make every hand into a base 5 and work with it from there. After all 12 numbers/hands are sculpted then you bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes.  Then paint your clock face and install the clock.  Installation wasn't hard, there are directions on the package.  Make sure you put all your numbers on the face before you glue any down so you can make sure your spacing is correct.  and viola, you made a super cool clock! 
Price break down: I bought all my parts/supplies on sale.  Most craft stores have a 40-50% off mobile coupon all the time.  I make use of mine on my most expensive parts.  Michael's is the only store I have found with pre-drilled clock faces so that is where I got mine.  It was $7.99 full price and I used a 40% off 1 item coupon to get it for $4.79, I did the same for the actual clock pieces but I got it at Hobby Lobby so another $4.79.  Make sure when you get the face and clock that the two are compatible some clock pieces are made for very thin faces.  The paint was .69.  The clay I got while there was an in store sale for 50% off.  I find that pretty much anything that ever goes on sale is on a 2-3 week cycle so if the clay isn't on sale right now just give it a couple weeks and it probably will be.  I got 3 different colors.  Each block is subdivided into 4 pieces which are the perfect size for each hand.  They were 1.39 on sale so 4.18 for all 3.  I glued them on with super glue from the DollarTree which was sold in a 3 pack, I'll just call it another $1. That brings our grand total to: $15.45. I am totally OK with that because I love it!!

Here is the pin picture


Terra said...

It's perfect! I love it:)

Brittany H. said...

This is AMAZING!!! Love it!

Dana said...

Aw. My best friend made that original clock and runs a beautiful shop on Etsy where she sells her designs. I'm bummed out to see the design was copied and then a DIY link was posted for it.

Jess Quirt said...

Thank you! My daughter has severe hearing loss and we are learning asl. I saw this clock but refuse to pay $100 for it. Now I can make one for our family :)

Anonymous said...


GET over your self.. unless it is copyrighted there is nothing that can be done NOT everyone can afford a 100 clock, i give props to this momma for doing something great for someone special to help them. and the actual asl numbers are not copyrighted , people do have like minded ideas. don't know why you feel the need to be so rude.