Preserving a Little Fall

So here are the two things we were making.  Wax dipped fall colored leaves and the fall leaf candle holder. 

It is a very rare and short window if time where the leaves are traditional fall colors in Texas.  Usually they go from green to dead pretty quickly.  So we had to act fast.  Isa and I gave ourselves a few extra minutes on our walk back from the library and collected a ton of leaves.  I also had a bunch of left over was from candles and things so this craft basically cost $0.  I understand that some people might need to buy wax and I have no idea how much that would be sorry.  

The candle holder told me to Modge Podge the leaves first.  Yes I make my own.  Way cheaper.  Half Elmer's glue half water and shake.  I will say that I think this step was pointless. Just use straight glue.

I painted on a layer of straight elmer's glue first.

 Then tried very unsuccessfully to get the leaves to stick smoothly to the bottle.  It was really annoying. 

Once it dried I thought it looked really bland so I pulled out the big guns.  Just mix some into the glue you use.

I think I did 2 or 3 layers of the glitter glue, letting it dry between each layer.


With a candle

close up

 Isa really enjoyed dipping the leaves and she only got singed once :)  

 Some drying

The holding plate

A bowl of fall!

 You can see the wax clumped up in some places but overall cute. 

Just a heads up after a week or so they will start to tun brown.  Ours aren't quite so cheery now.  
 Overall, this craft cost me $0 because I already had the wax, Modge Podge and the jar.

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