So Isa called to me from her room this morning while i was feeding Em to tell me she threw up. great. emmeline hasn't been feeling well this week. she has been refusing to eat and waking up several times a night. she never got a fever and she only puked after she gagged while eating so we weren't sure what was wrong with her. well, she started to perk up yesterday morning but still wasn't eating great.
so...I am hoping the two aren't related because that would mean it's only a matter of time before i get it too. not only do i still remember last time we had a stomach bug but i really can't have any time off right now. emmeline is extra needy with me when she doesn't feel well.
as a matter of fact she freaks out several times a day at the very sight of josh until i introduce him to her as her dad and then she is all sweet. weird i know. anyway, here's hoping.
i have been intentionally avoiding foods i like today in case i puke them up later. i was thinking it would be a great diet strategy if i ate all the foods i love because then i wouldn't want to eat them for a while. i couldn't do it. i like food to much.

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Terra said...

You have to re-introduce her to josh as her dad? Several times a day?! I hope she still does that this summer so I can see:) HAHAHAHA!
(I am a little sorry for Josh , though it must sting- andyou for not being abel to be sick because you didn't just get a dog when you thought about having kids)
Sorry I'm stil laughing. HEHEHEHE