Isa's Valentine Party

Even though em's doctors would probably frown about it, we went to isa's school party. There are some things where i demand to be normal. anyway, it was pretty fun. really crazy since it is just one big sugar eating fest. i managed to remember my camera for the first time ever. this apparently made me look like a pro because the classroom mom roped me into taking head shots of all the kids for the teachers end of the year present. i thought it wouldn't be so bad and i could get most of their pics that day but most of them had stained teeth or a ring around their mouths from eating so much candy so that was out. not sure when I'll be able to get them without the teacher catching on but we will see.

Isa and Mik

Isa ans her very best friend

Class shot!

Silly class shot. we had to remind them that they could be silly but to make sure they weren't hurting their neighbor!


Rise said...

Good pictures. Where's her cute teacher? I was also trying to pick out Savannah, but I'm not sure which one she is.

Megan said...

hehe. her teacher was behind me. :( sadly savannah moved about a month ago! luckily shortly after she moved isa's best friend from last year moved into the class.