Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking

Taking pictures of emmeline is super hard. lets be honest, when her head hangs over to the side like she does it makes her look super disabled. That makes me sad and freaks me out a little bit. also, she is the WORST blinker in the world. the red eye reducer gets her almost all of the time. so, when i managed to get these shots, where her head isn't hanging to bad and her eyes were open (mostly) i knew i hit the jack pot.

Trying to act uninterested.

deciding if i am interesting enough to keep her attention.

Finally coaxing a smile

rubbing the flash from her eyes. hey, it hurts to keep them open. i had to trick her a little.

Oh yeah, i have that other kid. isabella has reached that stage where is is hard to get anything but a very posed picture or a scowl. lucky she was sucked into Word Girl so she didn't notice me.


Laura said...

AGh! Isabella is so old! How did this happen!

Terra said...

Your kids are adorable:) I can't wait to paparazzi them this summer

Brittany H. said...

Ooh, I think Em's eyes look just like Isa's--so pretty! I love some brown-eyed-girls! :)

Whitney said...

What a sweet little smile! and I love your girls eyes they are so pretty!

Josh said...

I was going to post these on FB! Picture thief.

Megan said...

well, maybe if you had actually taken them then you would have a legitimate claim to them.