A New Friend?

So, Emmeline is FAR from being ready to potty train. she has no idea what we are doing when we go to the bathroom, can't even approximate the word potty, and doesn't care when she is wet or dirty. however, i have begun to realize with this kid that she makes me do something for about 6 months before she will pay attention to me about it. it's like she is waiting to see if I'm serious about it or not. so...we gto a potty. I think it's cute.

Emmeline not so much.

going to Isa for protection

finally warming up to what i can only assume she thinks is a new chair.

we have tried sitting on it several times a day since we go tit and she humors me. it's extra tricky to teach em to pee in the potty because the child barely pees since we keep her on the verge of being dehydrated in hopes it will make her thirsty enough to drink by mouth. maybe this summer. either way it's cute. that's all that matters right?


Josh said...
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Marianne said...

Oh...potty training. I don't want to do it. My almost-3-year-old seemed to be asking to do it, and we've been playing "potty" for weeks now. Then I tried to get her to do it for real, and her first accident on the floor was so traumatizing that she begged for a diaper and tried to put it on herself. *sigh* Maybe I need one of those little pink ones!

Megan said...

they were the cheapest one that wasn't just a ring for the real toilet at walmart.

Mindy Jo said...

So cute!
Good Luck and Keep me updated! Love ya,

Brittany H. said...

Oh man, I don't even want to think about potty training! So who is going to show her what the cute "chair" is used for? :)

Megan said...

ok...so i was totally writing up an explanation to that comment brit and then i thought, wait, no one really want to know about our family bathroom habits. i almost fell for it.

Matthew said...

Feed her diet coke. It will make her more energetic, and you can leverage the diuretic effects =)

Rise said...

I love pictures of these girls together. That is cool how she goes to Isabella for protection.