The Pinch

So, I learned alot from my friend Jessika. One of the most important was to take my health very seriously. Today I did something I haven't done in 2.5 years. I know, too long. Anyway. I got my cervix pinched. Of course that isn't what it's really called but that is totally what they do. I mean if they called it a cervix pinching text who would get one? Not this girl. I think a dude named it. Not that PAP smear is much better. But at least it doesn't sound painful. Which it is. For hours. On the up side I have a doctor now. For Me. I wont get the results for a few weeks but I already feel better. Even though it took two hours at the office it was nice to be doing something for me, alone. Plus it gave me a jump start on the book for book club next month. (my pick).

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Chernobyl said...

I've come to believe that waiting at the Dr.'s office (without kids) can be like a small mini-vacation. SOmetimes I wish it took a little longer to get me in to see the dr. As long as I've got a book, and I'm alone, it's all good.