A Dozen Boogie Robots!

Isabella picked a really cute valentine this year for "us" to make. They ended up being really complicated and time consuming. of course. every time i looked at them i couldn't help but think of that line. Boogie!!!!

close up. those aluminum foil arms were the bane of my existence. and i had to make WAY more then 1 dozen.

this giant one is for her teacher.


Mindy Jo said...

haha! yours are IMPRESSIVE!
I would've had a straight up panic attack if I had to cut a million tenny tiny tin foil arms with my 5 year old! :)
Jaxon's ear drum burst this week ... yeah, I KNOW!
so we were last minute and scribbled some dinosaurs on construction paper and wrote things like "You're pretty!" and "You Rock!"
You're such a good Mama!
love you,

Brittany H. said...

Wow, those are so creative! Good job!!

Laura said...

I'm impressed! Jeesh Megan!

Terra said...

What awesome Boogie Robots!Did she find plans for these or did you think them up?

By the way I'm really enjoying all the posts.

Megan said...

we found them on the disney family fun website. and they were the most popular valentine in the whole class i might add. :) all the kids were yelling "hey who gave me the robot?" so much that her teacher had to hush everyone and just make an announcement. isa was really happy!