My New Catch Phrase

Most people know I really, really hate stupid people. Now, that doesn't mean I don't like people who didn't get an education. Although I only like them in moderation. The people I am talking about are the people who think rules don't apply to them, don't use common sense and don't think before they speak, among other things. I just have to patience for those who know better.

Those that read my blog know Emmeline's medical situation is complicated at best. Her cardiologist said absolutely no nursery at church until after her surgery. Well, that pretty much means never. By the time we get the ASD repaired she will go into older classes anyway. That being said, the decision about nursery is totally up to me and Josh. There are a few other people I would let know our decision and maybe at listen to theirs.
Anyway, I was approached by someone who doesn't fall on either group. Emmeline was eating a snack as he waled up. This is how it went down. (what I wish I said is in parenthesis).

him: Those look like yummy snacks.
me: Yep she really likes them.
him: You know where else they have really yummy snacks...nursery.
me: (UM WHAT!!???) Yeah I bet they do.
him: So, [at Emmeline] are you ready to go to nursery?
me: Smiling (I want to kick you and then slam your head into the wall)
him: Or should I be asking if mommy is ready to let you go into nursery?
me: (screw it you are a dead man). Smaller smile.
him:[turning to me with a judgmental smile] So are you?
me: [trying to keep my tone level]. I never had a problem "letting" her go to nursery, she loves it. But her cardiologist said she can't go until her heart is repaired so she doesn't die. [this was followed by the "Say something now B*^&%" stare].
him: Fumbling about how he had something to do. (a little to late).

Sadly I was so taken aback by this encounter so i couldn't properly make him feel as dumb as he sounded and deserved. I'm sure I'll get another chance though.

When it comes to picking up Isabella from school I either leave so I get there 30 minutes before school gets out to be first in line or when school has been out for 10 minutes so the line is already moving. This way I can't see the line cutters, and there always are some. Well, Em has been sleeping later so I ended up doing the latter. I thought I was safe. I guess my hopes were too high. There is a lot of stopping and going as they feed cars into the line to get you kid loaded into your car. Some people, (including me) don't like it so we wait until there is a little space and then pull up. That way there isn't all that silly brake tapping. Well, the guy behind me didn't like that and when the gap went past him, he cut across the other lane of traffic, onto the playground and u-turned and passed 25 cars!! Um hello! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!!! I hate you! And all the little children do too!
What kills me is they felt totally justified in doing that. Where are you from?! I think I am just going to start checking Isabella out of school everyday through the front office since these parents have no self control.

I am generally able to bottle up my rage like every healthy person should but when it comes to people like this I have come up with my new favorite catch phrase. I find it is applicable in so many situations and would help society quite a bit.

They should be put down.


Brittany H. said...

Love the catch phrase. It is so applicable! I should probably change mine to I hate stupid people because until now it has just been I hate people...which doesn't paint me as very friendly.

Mindy Jo said...

Oh I MISS you!
What'cha doin' tomorrow?
Love you,

Laura said...

Oh Megan, this post was a "true Megan Perkins Harris" post and Ben and I loved all of it. We miss you!

Matthew said...

I wonder if he was on about the nursery thing because *he* didn't want her in the adult classes making noise. Maybe he though you were just being a helicopter parent who was crashing his vibe by not send her to the kiddie closet. I can' think of any other reason why he should care... Good response too, BTW.

Also, on the driving thing, I so feel your pain. We get that kind of anti-social behavior all the time around here too. So annoying.

Whitney said...

Seriously why do they even care!!!

I'm not letting Justin go to nursery right now. (I am one of those helicopter parents :) He has gotten sick, and in turn I have gotten sick 4 time this pregnancy! I'm so done till cold season is over! Sometimes when people ask me I just wanna yell in their face. "Do you wanna come over tomorrow and wipe his nose and let him cough all over you!" Nursery isn't mandatory.

I really hate it when people think they know how to parent your child better than you do! UGGG!

Megan said...

the thing is this guy knows me! it's not like he just moved in and has no idea that she has special needs!

also, matt he never goes to class anyway!

Chernobyl said...

JEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!! Your self-control was admirable.