really, really real?

I might be in denial. i should be alot more freaked out then i am, about pretty much everything. this has been one crap week. i post about how life is turning around for me and then boom. i feel like the little boy at the beginning of despicable me. you know. the one who dropped his ice cream and then gru comes along and makes him a balloon animal only to pop it after watching the little boy enjoy it. and laughs. yep, that would be me this week.

a few week s ago if i had this week it would have taken me months to recover. i would have felt totally defeated. like i was wasting everyone's time. This week (excluding one thing) i have taken the bad news in stride. i am excited by this and a little worried. what if i am just denying my insanity and in a few days i hit the wall? sometimes i laugh at the things that are happening right now. that part i am pretty sure is the crazy. the part that can't handle it, so it laughs. yes, i realize i am talking about my crazy like a thing separate from myself. that is usually what it feels like. like i am possessed. maybe i could get an exorcism? if only it would be fixed that quickly.
either way i figure i should try and enjoy my new found ability to not freak out. even if it might only be for a little while. right?

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Terra said...

The rules is, if you think you're sane- you're NOT. If you think you're crazy you're sane.

Now, isn't that comforting?

Oh, and plan (B) is Abby promises to yell at us if we're crazy and don't realise it.