my hard summer

i have been doing alot of work for my parents this summer. there are always projects that my mom wants to be done and that my dad doesn't have time for. that is where i come in. early in the summer they kept saying they had things but then never actually told me what they were and where they wanted them to go. the following is the first project completed. i doubt it would have gotten done at all but i just went out side and picked a place myself. luckily the liked it and i continued. i forgot to take a before picture of the exact spot so this is a picture of the area right next to it. they are virtually the same.

it is hard to tell in this picture but this is on a hill.

after weeding i extended this stone path.

this is the picnic area that had to be flattened.

at the end of the path we have seating for the fire pit. these are cute stones mom made with each granddaughter that was here. they all have a name plate and foot print.

here is a shot from the bottom so you can see everything.

here is a close up on the fire pit i built from scratch. i forgot to add the picture but i didn't wear gloves the first time i used the mortar and it ate the pads off of three of my fingers. my whole body ached but it was cool to make it. the big downside was the fact that all the rocks you see had to be hauled down those stairs in the background a bucket at time and there were tons of rocks and very big roots that had to be dug around and then chopped.


Josh said...

amazing! why haven't i heard about this?

Megan said...

hehe. cute.

Matthew said...

Wow, that is really amazing work.

Mary Ann said...

You did a great job. I wish we were there to try it out.

Rise said...

Impressive! The finished product looks great. Next year maybe you can redo those weird steps (JK).

Shalene said...

That is friggin cool! You rock! heh heh heh