The Big 100!

i wasn't going to name this post that but when i logged in i saw that this was 100. i now realize how fitting this post is since it is about Isabella and that updates on Isabella is what this blog has turned into.

i thought it would be fun to show everyone the progress Isa is making in her preschool group. before she started she couldn't write and didn't know any letters. i hope this doesn't end up being really boring.

First we have a little find the difference. she really loves these and is really good at them. i was afraid this would be a little hard since they are the same animal but she finished in about 30 seconds.

She had a little more trouble with this but got the hang of it after the first one.

We had a lot of fun doing this one. she only needed my help a couple of times.

She is doing really well with her letters as well.

She really likes the letter K because the word kite starts with it and she loves kites.

Before she did this one she usually wrote her A's upside down. she still writes her name backward though but that isn't a big deal for about two more years.


Rise said...

My granddaughter is AMAZING!! And purple is my favorite color too.

Bennie said...

I wish you would tell Isa that Grandpa Harris is so very proud of her!

Justin said...

I dont want to tell you how long I stared at the third row of Ladybugs in the first picture before I figured out what was different. I guess Isa is smarter than me.

Dad said...

She is really doing a good job with her schoolwork. Appy is pleased to see how well she is doing. I will have a difficult time waiting to have her show me in person. Only 33 days to go, but who is counting???

Matthew said...

That does seem really advanced...