Conversations With Isa

I thought I would share with you some conversations I have had with Isabella lately.

I told Isabella about the paci fairy who would come and get her pacies when she was ready and leave her a present. Isa decided she must be a mermaid fairy. The other night after we put Isabella to be we heard her crying. Josh went in first and then came out and said she wanted me. When I went in this is what she said.

Isa: (crying) Mommy can I leave my pacies for the paci mermaid fairy?

Me: Do you remember that if the paci mermaid fairy gets your pacies then you can't have them back?

Isa: well, can't i just get my present from the fairy for a little while and then give it back and she can bring my pacies back?

Me: I will have to ask her and see.

Isa: Do you know her?

Me: Yes all Mommies know her.

Isa: Does she have a mommy?

Me: Yes. Everyone has a Mommy.

Isa: What is her Mommies name?

Me: I don't know. I will have to ask her that too.

Isa: Where do they live?

Me: Somewhere far away.

Isa: Just tell me mommy.

Me: I'm not exactly sure. Please go to sleep now.

Last night when Isabella was in the bath we were playing with her mermaid dolls and she said this.

Isa: Now they can get married.

Me: But they are both girls.

Isa: Well we can pretend your is a boy. What is his name?

Me: How about Michael?

Isa: Mommy, isn't that the name from your favorite show?

Me: What show?

Isa: The Office Mommy.


dad said...

You are in major trouble, Isabella has you figured out and it is only a matter of time before she dominates.

Terra said...

she is so stinkn' smart it kills me =)

Laura said...

Hilarious, I love it. Ben and I sure miss you guys! Isabella has always said so many funny things. I think she takes after her Mom:)