The Boulder in My Bra. And, No It's Not What You Are Thinking

so dad, Terra and i went running from bass lake to a little past moses cone manor and back down tonight. everything was going well until we got to the manor. there was a group of about 40 people on some kind of toured walk with a ranger. for those of you who don't know, the trails there are as wide if not a bit wider then a single lane road. as we came up behind this group we went single file and Terra yelled like a bull horn. "coming up on your left"! about the last five people moved over. we get closer. "on you left"! nothing. i run up behind these apparently deaf people and say. "there is a stroller coming up and if you don't move right your ankles will probably get nicked." i still had to jump into the ditch because they didn't move. dad somehow got through and we went on our way. that is until we turned around. we thought it would be easier to get be them this time since we were running right at them and they could see us for a while before we got there. the ranger told them to move over for us and we get on the far right of the trail leaving them at least three fourths of the trail and this is what happened. we get to the end of the pack and there is a family totally bot paying attention. they had an 8 year old son who was looking behind him and the parents were looking up. dad got pretty close to the kid and here is what happened next.

Dad: "HUP!" (to get the kids attention. he avoids the kid.)

Kids Mom: "Sheesh."

Kids Dad: "You need to slow down!"

ME: ( a little irritated that they thought they were the most important thing around. OK, alot irritated.) "Maybe you should keep you kid on your side of the trail."


now what was running thought my mind at the time was this. "this is slow." here is what came out instead.

Me: "Maybe you should get out and exercise more!"

no response.

i was furious at this point and tried to get Terra and dad to let me go back and yell at him some more. i mean what the freakin' hey! why is he so important! i guess i chose that comment because i felt if he wasn't so fluffy that he was winded on flat ground he would know we weren't going that fast. Isabella was running with us for crying out loud. maybe you should teach your apparently mildly slow child to look, i don't know, FORWARD when he walks. it might make your life a little more pleasant. i know it would sure make mine more pleasant.

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Mary Ann said...

What odd people.

The old ladies who go walking on my parents' street think I'm some kind of speed demon, and you all know I'm not. They act like running up and down the gentle hills in the neighborhood is some Herculean thing.