isabella switched back and forth between being Snow White and Cinderella for halloween. in the end Cinderella won. we went trick-or-treating on center street first. it was pretty fun but isa refused to wear tights and got blisters from her princess shoes after about 3 blocks. i ended up carrying her for about a mile......in a satin dress......with a bucket full of candy. she is a "healthy" girl;) she got almost a bucket full for quite a bit of effort there so i was hoping for something better from the dorms. the freshman girl gods shined upon us and we ended up with this.
we got this amount from just three three story dorm buildings. the key is to go only to the girls dorms. more of them give out candy and they each give out more.

i looked away for a minute and looked back to find isa like this.

I don't think i ever got this much candy when i was a kid. this was only from roughly 2 hours of trick-or-treating. it fills a grocery bag to the breaking point and bag weighs at least 25-30 pounds. she did earn every piece though. all in all i would say she was pretty happy.


Rise said...

Wow! I don't think I've ever seen so much Halloween candy to be able to roll in it before. Good job!

Bennie said...

I'm glad Isa enjoyed Halloween. As you know, that is something that was not part of my childhood. I guess my dad never realized what a stash I might have hauled home!!!

appy said...

How adorable!

The Photographer said...

That is quite a haul. With those cuteness levels it is to be expected.

Terra said...

that is awsome for her- I bet she can eat it in three days- wasn't that what we did? makes me sick to think about it.

she is soo cute and you were so strong to carry her for that long. children look so dainty until you carry them around for more than 10 minutes. Then they are linebackers.
loved your trick or treating stratagy with the girls dorm...so true...so true.

Mom said...

We let you guys eat all you wanted for 24 hrs. Then it was limited until it all mysteriously disappeared. But then you never got anything close to that haul!
Love those pirate socks.

Dare and Ryan said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm..... Isa, I need to come visit you! :)