A Little Bit Of My Brain

I delayed posting this until i did a "filler" post so people would be more likely to check my blog again soon. Hopefully it worked. We will see.

I am in the car right now driving back from Charlotte. We were down there visiting some friends. On the way home I wanted to have a drink so we got a dr. pepper. This got me thinking. There should be an extra special award for things I deem really cool. I should come up with a super cool name. I was thinking this because dr. pepper is definitely on the list. Very close to if not at the top. Wow that is some good stuff. I think I will make a list of things that get the megan extra special cool award or MESCA. Here is the beginning in no particular order.

1) Dr Pepper
2) The Geico caveman and sonic commercials
3) Video games that tone my upper body
4) House

On a side note, I have decided I like listening to my “workout” albums while I am sitting still. It makes me feel like i just worked out when it is over. Nice.


dad said...

Very clever.

Shalene said...

House the T.V. show? And I think #2 is actually 2. Those cavemen crakc me up! "It's my mom, hold on, I'll put it on speaker phone". LOOOVE it!

Terra said...

Dr. Pepper is ummy- cave man commercials not so much.
House= yummy. He's my T.V boyfriend.

Megan said...

yeah those commercials crack me up! i really like the ones where he is on the news too.

Jason Heilpern said...

Dr. Pepper....MMMMMMMMMM!