The Magical Sound Of Things

That's what Emmeline can hear without her CI.  One of Emmeline's sweet friends (Natalie) from school had her 3rd hearing birthday today, well maybe yesterday by the time I post this. It's a full on celebration! It got me thinking.  Around this time last year I was with the Audiologist hearing something no parent wants to hear.  You can read about it here and here.  My daughter had lost the remainder of the hearing in her left ear and quite a bit in her right.  I would think I wouldn't take it so hard when I am told things like this as it happens more frequently then one might think.  I still do.  It still makes me tear up thinking about how hard her life is/will be.  We are doing our best to make it easier but it still hurts.  She works so hard.  We all do, but not like her.  Well, maybe Isa does.  That is one tough cookie!  Anyway, watching this other family who has had this similar trial has been great.  Their family is so sweet.  We have really loved getting to know them.   I think we have come up with a new celebration for our house this summer!
Some days I feel all motivational, some days not so much. Yesterday at Auditory Verbal Therapy Miss Sara asked me if I would be willing to participate in a parent to parent panel for hard of hearing families. I jokingly asked if I would be the one getting the support or giving it.  I was only joking.  I feel totally unqualified to be giving anyone advice on any of this.  It's really difficult and heart breaking.  It was a not so motivational day.  Then I watched this and remembered it can be uplifting too :)  It's a video Natalie's parents made about her journey.  These kids are SO AWESOME! and loved by so many! I think I could handle a support group.  Today anyway.

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