Handy Christmas Tree

I got a couple canvases a while ago but had no plan for them. But then I found an adorable Christmas project.

First make a star and stump stencil.  This stump is WAY too big.  I ended up trimming it down quite a bit.

Dish out your green paint...

and paint some tiny, and not so tiny (why is Isa so huge?!) hands.

Then press the open hands on your canvas in a tree type pattern.  I used Isa's larger hands for the bottom of the tree and Emmeline for the top.

Emmeline's hands ended up being a bit smudged.  It was a bit much for her sensory wise but she was a trooper.  She just REALLY wanted to rub after I put her hand down. Note the HUGE stump.

Trace your star and paint it in.

It will probably take several coats.

Big stump

Trimmed down trunk.  I just painted over the brown with several coats of white after the brown dried.

Finished product.  I also made one for a gift which I think turned out even better.

Price Breakdown:
Canvas: I got 2 16X20 for 7.99 but I think you could get cheaper if you bought more in a pack and combined  a sale.
Paint: again, I used paint on hand but it would be .59 per bottle.
Total: We will call it $4.75 each but that's only if you buy paint.

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