Christmas in February

We went back to NC for Christmas this year.  Here we are on the night of our arrival getting some cuddle time in with Appy to refill their cuddle reserves.

 Our first weekend there Isa went with Appy to Dollywood and the rest of us went to Quentin and Lauren's house.  Here is Emmeline in her Christmas dress by Q and L's tree.

 There was quite a bit of Aunt Lauren cuddling going on.

 This one was my favorite find when I looked on my phone later.  Silly girls.

 Elf Emmeline helping Grandmama make cookies.

 I love this shot.  This was when we told Emmeline that Santa was angry because she forgot to leave out some cookies for him. Priceless.  Don't worry, we told her we covered for her before she got really upset. She got a Doc McStuffins set from Santa and loved using it on everyone.

 Showing Appy her goodies

 Major score for me.  A Harry Potter Always ring!!

 Holiday tattoos.

 Giving her cousins a check up.

A little tea party

On out second trip to Mount Airy we went to Josh's old scout camp and hiked up Raven Knob.  It had quite a few steep parts and I got quite the workout carrying Emmeline up there.

Isa was right at home.

 We found a super cheap little red Christmas tree on sale after Christmas and Emmeline might have like it.

Grandmama helped Isa design and sew a dress for her American girl doll (which was her Santa gift...again).

They both really enjoyed the little snowball fight they had.  We could only stay out for a couple of minutes as the temperature was int he negative.

Lots of dress up fun to be had in the warm house.

 Isa with her Santa gift. She really wanted Molly before she retired.

 My other score.  Beets By Schrute.

Way more happened but these picture posts can be so long already, plus I doubt anyone wants a play by play of what happened in a while month of our lives. 

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