Keepsake Ornaments

So this craft is kind of old, as I did it before Christmas but just now got the pictures off my phone.  To start, have a baby, graduate from something or have some other life event that has something tiny associated with it. Then buy a pack of these, glass ball ornaments from any craft store around the holidays.

 Then stuff tiny keepsake in said ornament. Be gentle.  You don't want the glass to break and slice you.

Pop the top back on and...Tada! Memories preserved!

I then wrote whatever the heck I wanted on the outside.  In this case, Isa's name and birth date. 

Repeat for Emmeline

I had quite a difficult time with this because apparently the '13 was barely too large to fit in the hole :(  The Josh came up the the brilliant idea (he is a Dr) to just take the # off and then tie it to the top with ribbon.

 Dr Harris

I have no totally finished product to show you because I just remembered these after I took down all our Christmas stuff so, sorry.

I would tell you how much it cost to acquire these keepsakes but that might be in bad taste.  But they ain't cheap!!!

The supply costs were:
$2.50 for the 4 pack of ornaments at 50% off with a coupon
I reused the oil based Sharpies from the Very Potter Christmas mug but the are around $3.50 full price (use a coupon!!)

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