The Other Piece Of Wood

So after I did the State Nail Art for Josh I had half of the 2 by 2 board left.  It ended up being the perfect size for my reindeer sign from Pinterest.  

First paint the base whatever color you want.  Then take a horribly shadowed picture of your board.  It's a vital step.

I got these stencils at Lowes for a project I did last year for my dad.  They ended up being just the right size for this project but you could do it on a smaller board if you got smaller stencils.

I did the first and last letter of each reindeer's names to make sure my spacing was OK.  Emmeline helped.

Then just try and space out the remaining letters in each name to fill the space.

They are a little tedious to paint in but not too bad.  I just used black but you could do any color.  I just think it helps the finished product pop more.

Paint all the letters black except the O in Rudolph.  That one is red (for the nose).  After the red dried put just a touch of white on it to make it look shiny.  Isa REALLY wanted me to put little beams of light coming off of it but I was really afraid it would be too much.

Finished product.

Price breakdown:
Board: $3.23
Paint: I used paint I had on hand but if you bought it it would be .59 each
Stencils: I already had those too but I am going to count them because most people wont have then just laying around: $2.50
Total: $5.73

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Terra said...

I'm totally making this! Thank you SO MUCH for the first and last letter tip. Spacing is my nemesis.