Scrap Ribbon Christmas Shirt

I had a bunch of random ribbon left from some other crafts and I found a really cute idea. Start with 3-4 different ribbon scraps.  I made one for Isa and Emmeline so I needed more of some so keep that in mind if you are making multiples.  

You'll also need this.  Fabric crafting glue.

Cut them in tapering lengths to make a tree type shape. Just eye ball it.  I also burned the ends of my ribbon to keep them from fraying.

Then glue ti down using your fabric glue.  Keep in mind this glue wont wash out so it it gets on things it stains. I also got a spool of sliver ribbon for the bow on top.  I did not use glue on the top, I sewed it.  Since it's so bumpy it wouldn't stick well.  

Here are my cuties in their matching Christmas shirts.  Emmeline didn't really want to have her picture taken but with some antics from Isa she warmed up to it.  Sweet girls.  I'll post about the PJ pants later but just a plug for myself, I made them:)

Price Breakdown:
When I got the ribbons they were .98 per spool.  I had them left over so I wont count those.  Just wait until you have left overs to make it:$0
Silver ribbon: I did buy that one just for this project so - .98
Fabric glue: $1.75 with 50% off coupon
Total: $2.73

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