State nail art

I was really struggling to come up with gifts for Josh for his birthday this year  He had been just plain spoiled the last few years and gotten all his dreamed about electronics so there wasn't anything he really wanted. SO I opted for the first time to do homemade.

Here is the blank board.  I bought a 2ft by 2ft board at Home Depot and had them cut it in half for me.

Then tape down your stencil I printed mine here.

Then paint your base whatever color you like

I ran into the a little problem when I got to the coast because I couldn't include the Outer Banks and the coast line so I opted to pretend like the OB were the actual coast.

Then cut out the heart around the region you want to highlight.

Sorry these are sideways. Once they are in their are in.  I chose to paint the heart a different color just for fun.  You don't need to do that.

Then hit your finger a million times nailing in hundreds of little nails. Seriously.  It will hurt.

Then wrap and unwrap and wrap and unwrap.  It you want to avoid all the unwrapping then count how many h=nails you have all the way around your outline and then divide it by the number around your heart so you know how many times you will need to wrap around each heart nail. 

Sorry for my shadow.  My dining room has terrible light.

On the wall.  I was surprised it came out so well and since he hung it up I assume Josh really did like it and wasn't just telling me that.

Price Breakdown:
Wood: for a 2ft by 2ft board I paid $6.47 I used half on this project
One bottle each of black and green acrylic paint:$.59 each
One ball of fine crochet yarn :~$3.00
Finishing nails: $1.59
Total: $9.00


Terra said...

I thought about making you one of these but I'm glad I didn't try. Yours is beautiful and it really hit me on how tedious those nails would have been after reading your post:)

Brittany H. said...

Love this, and love that state!!