What Do You Do When Texas Has A Cold Front On Halloween? Free An Elf!!

Isa has wanted to be Hermione for Halloween for years.  Due to some promises she made about wearing a certain costume if I bought it for her, she hasn't been able to do it.  This year I wanted to make sure she got to.  Then someone made the suggestion that we dress Emmeline up as Dobby.  It was genius!  It's always too hot here on Halloween to wear your traditional fall costumes so I thought Dobby would be perfect since he only wears a shabby pillowcase.  
Texas tried to screw me again.  A nice cold front was set to move in the weekend of our Trunk or Treat.  Costume ruined.  You can't overdress a house elf!  It messes up the whole attitude of the costume!  Then, two days ago I got a great idea!  I'll free Dobby!!  After he gets freed he collects clothes!  Socks and hats mostly but that was all I really needed to trap in body heat.  Thus Dobby was freed.

Hermione and Dobby together.  This shoot was done on the second day after I eliminated some of the heavier hats.  Emmeline was a lot happier about it then.  What a cute little activist Isa makes :)

 Emmeline wasn't thrilled when I asked her to put her thumbs down so people could see the sign.

 Isa jinxing me.  She was very cute and was walking around the house with her wand saying "stupidity!  stupidity!"  Being the purist that I am I eventually let her know it was "stupify".

 A happy free elf.

 The back of the sign.

Join the movement!

We did the library spooky story time this morning   If there is one place that could really appreciate this costume it was the library.  All the librarians LOVED it!!  I'm a little worried about trunk or treat tonight as no one there is as hard core as I am about HP.  Either way they are darn adorable.  My favorite costumes EVER!  

We had a slight costume malfunction when we got to storytime.  I had to remove Emmeline's sign to buckle her into her car seat and when we got there I couldn't find the other string anywhere   I ended up using a straw.  It stated on but was a little too short.  She wouldn't take it off when she sat down.

 Story time Hermione

Isa and I had a blast making the Dobby ears and the wands.  I'll post about those soon.  I also did not realize how badly Isa's book shelf needs to be repainted.  Yikes!


kat said...

Ah they're both so cute. The outfits are perfect and the picture has to go up on the wall!

Bonnie said...

Genius costume for Emmeline and Isa looks so happy in her get up! Good job building happy memories they will talk about fondly as adults! Thank you for posting about them. That picture of Emmeline with her chin in the air tells just how proud she is of her costume :)

Terra said...

Emmeline is so cute I could eat her! I LOVE your interpretation of the Dobbie costume!

Also...the internet lied to me. I carefully measured the length- they said it should be as tall as the wearer is...I did make it slightly longer so the color blocks would be the same on the ends but still.

She makes such a good Hermione!

Great job!

Megan said...

What are you talking about?! It looks awesome!

Marianne said...

Ok, that might just be the coolest costume duo I have ever seen. Ever. (Jesse taught Addie to go around the house with a Harry Potter wand saying, "swish and flick!" It kills me.)

Megan said...

Isa was teaching Emmeline to say that too! they were dueling all over the house! Stupidity!!