THAT Kid At The Playground

You know the one.  They run right up to you while you are playing with your child and demand your attention.  You look around for their parent only to see them playing on their smart phone under a tree on the other side of the park.
Well, this kid (David)  picked a bad day to try and get me to parent him.  I was at this specific park because Emmeline was getting PT, from her school therapist.  I do not like this women and she doesn't like me so I was already no thrilled about being there.  Then David walks up with his "I'll push" "look at what I can do" "watch this, watch this, WATCH THIS!!!" "She's a baby" "let's play this game but I have to win".  After telling him several times that I couldn't watch him because I was helping Emmeline  he still wouldn't leave.  I finally told him he needed to leave us alone and go play with his mother.  The thing was, when he needed help he would yell for us and not his own mother which led me to believe that he knew darn well that he was not going to be getting any attention from her, good or bad.  Seriously woman!!  Your kid is the worst and so are you!! My next favorite was when he would watch and try to figure out what toy Emmeline was going to use next and get there a split second before her and jump on.  That drives me CRAZY!  Luckily the PT didn't like it either and she told him to move.  When he didn't she pulled him off.  Maybe I don't hate her as much now.
After that we tried to steer clear of David.  I did however witness him steal a kid's bike and then when the bike owners parent intervened and took it back David stood their screaming and crying"YOU HAVE TO SHARE!!!".  Next I saw him freaking out screaming by the water fountain.  The genius had decided the best way to get the water was to put his mouth over the whole sprayer thing Andy Dwyer style.

The thing is, Andy has an adult sized mouth so it was a little easier for him to get his mouth off of the fountain.  David, not so much.  The kid stood their screaming his head off.  I assumed this would be enough to get his Mom off her butt to help him, but no.  She just sat there until he finally managed to detach himself.  He then screamed as loud as he could for about 15 minutes just to make sure we all knew he wasn't happy.  We knew.
Then he ran right up to a group of boys who were probably a couple years older then him and stole their toy and ran away.  Yeah... don't pick a fight with a gang of older boys.  They were not having it.  They got their toy back and left David yelling...you guessed it "YOU HAVE TO SHARE!".
I'll share with you David.  I'll share my hand spanking your butt and leading you to an eternal time out.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'm with you on this one. Clearly an ill-behaved child to be sure, but it sounds like a neglected kid who really needs a parent and someone to play with, not a spanking.

To put it another way, if that kid had a loving an engaged parent, instead of the texter you described, how do you think that park experience would have been different? --Matthew

Brittany H. said...

hahahahaha A regular quote of mine is "I really hate other people's kids!" We have photos from a trip to the beach when family was visiting and I initially thought they were ruined by this stray kid who adopted us, but now it's a funny story. I am choosing not to have more children because the ones I have zap every ounce of life I can muster--I can't be expected to have more strength for selfish people's brats!

Megan said...

I wouldn't have had to deal with their kid. I see you point but I have enough to deal with and trying to mend the neglect of an other parent is not really on my list. As I was typing this I knew you would have been the parent that would have included said neglected child but I an nurtured out.

Brittany, I say that all the time too!! I feel you. I am totally zapped.

Terra said...

The kid needed that spanking from his parent a lot earlier in life than that day at the park...come to think of it the parent could have used one as well for off loading her kid onto others to entertain.

There is not a phone in existence that is so interesting that the woman wasn't aware of what was going on. She totally decided that she wasn't going to do anything.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, if you're so tired all the time you should just hire a maid. Do I have to solve all your problems? --Matthew