The Disgusting Range

Summer 2011 I was skinnier then I had ever been as an adult.  Then the sickness came.  I got migraines and was painfully naseous if I wasn't eating.  Since that time I have slowly been gaining weight.  Now I am the fattest I have been as an adult, without being pregnant, and there seems to be no end in sight.  No matter how careful I am about eating or how much I run, the weight just keeps coming.  I look more and more like a sausage about to burst out of it's casing every day.  not only am I getting fatter but I am also losing muscle.  I am getting fatter and weaker by the day and it is really bumming me out.
I feel mushy, fluffy, and gross.  I think Dr. Spaceman says it best.  I couldn't find the exact clip I wanted on it's own but this whole thing is funny.  The one I want is at 2:11 seconds.

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i validate thee