The Wednesday Weepies

I have been meaning to post some of the pictures from our summer trip but have been putting it off because it makes me SERIOUSLY home sick.  I tried it today.  I cried, but I might as well see it through so I don't have to cry again later.  Here goes.

Emmeline's first time holding a baby.  She isn't really crazy about babies but my super cute friend Mindy Jo brought over her newest Jett and Emmeline LOVED him!

So proud of herself.

In TN we got to spend lots of time with Aunt Abby and Uncle Tadd.  Emmeline really loved being with them. 

A little hike to Clingmans Dome

Abby had these adorable lip gloss holders that were shaped like tiny owls.  Emmeline loved and kept chucking them from the stroller just to see us chase them.  Lucky for her Abby and Tadd like her so much.

My awesome cousin Justin and his wife Angie!

 Aunt Terra and Isa posing with the Appalachian Trail sign

Rock climbing with Uncle Tadd 

Way up high. 

When I saw the thumbnail for this photo I thought they were protectively holding her to keep her safe.  Then I made it bigger and realized they were trying to throw her off. :) 

Aunt Abby and the Dumple 

When we hiked to Grotto Falls Emmeline fell asleep within about .25 miles.  I ended up carrying her very heavy bum up there and then she napped on me the whole time we were up there.

Isa under the waterfall. 

Aunt Terra is trying to convince her to sit under the waterfall for a picture. "Right there".

"I'll even go first, in my clothes" 

"yeah, I don't think so Terra" 

That is as close as she got. 

She really enjoyed climbing up and down the boulders. 

My mountain girl. 

A little feat of strength. 

There, I did it.  I might find more later but those were the hard ones for me.   It's just so beautiful there! 

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Terra said...

I think I got the weepies from this post...I wish we didn't live so far away.