Losing My Edge

When I started this blog it was to post about stupid people that annoy me.  I posted a lot.  OVer the years my posting has gotten less and less frequent.   I wonder why?
Do people annoy me less?  No really.  Do I deal with it in a healthier way?  Probably not.  Do I just not have the energy?  Maybe.
I think the real clincher is that my life it completely routine.  I do the same things with the same people every week.  And they annoy me the same ways every week.  This does not make for very exciting blog entries. But trust me, I have idiots a plenty.
 Lets be honest here.  Listening to me complain about my lack of ability to deal with my child's disabilities, my weight, late therapists, stingy school systems, poor health and stupid drivers can wear on one's nerves. Blah, blah, blah.
That only leaves me one choice right?  I know we're all thinking it...a mommy fashion blog!  Just kidding.  I know that would turn out the same way as this, but instead of the same complaint it would be the same outfit.  T-shirt and PJ pants. Maybe some jeans if you're lucky.
What to do, what to do...


Terra - Give me a Tail Wind said...

You could post photos of you babies.

I like them.

I like you too, but you're getting a little long in the tooth..

I just like readying what's going on in your life even if it's boring.

Brittany H. said...

Write for me cause I like swapping struggles. Plus, I like reading real thoughts of a real person and not only the things you want the world to see.

Josh said...

I vote for mommy fashion blog

Megan said...

back at you Brittany!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps an alter-ego? --Matthew