It Sucks!

I hate healthy food blogs.  Well maybe not hate, but STRONGLY dislike.  They always get me with the picture.  I see some amazing dessert item and think "that looks so good!  I can still eat that and be not fluffy?"  The answer is yes I can.  What you can't do is eat enough to actually satisfy your desire for a treat.
Serving size.  That's were they get you.  Yes there are low calorie cookies and brownies but the serving is a teaspoon.  Seriously?  A teaspoon?  All that will do it make me want more so bad that I will cave and either eat 4 or 5 more or just go get what I really wanted (peanut butter).  Both of those things make it pointless to even make said low calorie "treat".
Sometimes the dinners are even worse. They show a "huge" plate of whatever your favorite indulgence food happens to be and say something like "only 500 calories!!".  I'm not saying they are lying.  It probably is 500 calories.  My beef is with the "huge" plate.  On a food blog you can make things look any size you want.  I think they intentionally buy tiny plates and cups to try and trick themselves into thinking they are eating more.  Yes, I know that experts say to do this and that it actually works for most people.  It works for me too.  I get full...for about 30 minutes.  Then I go after what I wanted in the first place (yes, peanut butter).  On most food blogs that yummy looking pasta dish you thought would fill you up for 500 calories is in actuality 1 cup of food.  1 cup.  For a whole meal.  If any of you have spent more then 4 hours with a Perkins you know we lose our normal cheery dispositions when we want food.  Which is why most of our loved ones make sure we are well fed.  I can tell you that our normal desire for food is drastically larger when we are tired.  If we are sleepy and tired then just head to the panic room.
I think I have figured out a way to remedy my problem...mostly.  I only look for meals to make while I am eating my breakfast.  I find this meal the most satisfying of the day.  Probably because I am eating...you guessed it,  peanut butter.  Ultimately all I want it peanut butter.  Meal searching while I eat it has roughly the same effect as watching the food network while you are eating cold cereal.  It tricks your brain into thinking you are eating something yummy made by your personal chef.  If I pick out dinners while I eat peanut butter then my brain sees something that will probably taste like peanut butter.  I must have it.
You would think I would be really disappointed at dinner when in reality I am eating Broiled Broccoli and Garlic with something chicken or fish based, but oddly I'm not.  This system seems to work for me.  Maybe because by dinner I am feeling so guilty about whatever I ate earlier in the day that I don't feel I earned any more peanut butter?  Quite possibly.  I work really well with guilt.  It's the one emotion I can for sure identify.
  I wish these blog writers felt guiltier about leading everyone on in the mean way that they do.  Don't they know there are tons of slightly mushy people looking at that plate and thinking "jackpot!!", only to have a huge let down when they see their huge plate and tiny serving?  It sucks.  All we want is peanut butter!!!

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Terra- Give Me a Tail Wind said...

I love peanut butter...on a spoon.

It's very true that the surest way to say you're "sorry", or just get me to not be grumpy is to shove food at me.

I love food.

It's even truer that if I'm tired I want to eat even more.
I totally agree with you about serving sizes. They are ridiculous! I NEED MORE FOOD THAN THAT! Like anyone eats 1 cup of pasta or 5 lousey doritos.