Closed When It Should Be Open, Open When It Should Be Closed

Emmeline had her first check up with her Opthamologist on Monday after getting her glasses earlier this year.  After writing that her eyes were constantly over tearing since she was born, I finally made him check them and...he can't find her tear ducts.  On most kids it would just be a blocked tear duct which is easy to fix under sedation.  Sine it's Emmeline though he thinks it is actually an atresia of the drainage canal.  This basically means she doesn't have an open passage from her eyes to her lower sinus so it can't drain properly.  It kind of feels like if is should be open then it isn't and if it shouldn't be open it is (her heart).  She has rotten luck.  So now we have another surgery to look forward to.  Not until this fall though because the specialist we need to see it going on vacation for 2 weeks in June so they are booked until sometime in August and that is just for the initial work up.  Who knows how long it will take to get her in for surgery.  I will be glad when all these openings and closings are done.  I'm sure Emmeline can't either.  I wonder how she will feel then?

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Matthew said...

You should just use one of those ear worms from Star Trek 2. Drop one of those bad boys in there and let it clear things up. Also, bonus points in that it will make Emmeline do what you tell her to.