I Can See Why You Would

I had had two terrible night sleep in a row because Emmeline has been waking up around 3 or 4 am and crying off and on every 45 minutes until morning.  I was really looking forward to getting some good sleep and doped myself up with some phenergan before dinner last night.
As I was tucking Isabella in bad she said she didn't feel safe.  When I asked why she said it was her window and someone could come in. After explaining that she was 3 stories up and it was very unlikely that someone had a 3 story ladder to get to her window she asked if it was "hammer and bullet proof".  She really is my daughter.
After laughing about this with Josh a bit we watched our shows and went to bed.  Half way through the night one of my biggest fears came as close to being true as I hope it ever does.

At around 3 am I heard several people yelling and running through the breezeway that connects that two stairwells and runs the entire length of our apartment.  This isn't the first time this has happened but I still snap awake every time.  They were banging and screaming and I was thinking "great!  they are going to wake up Emmeline!"   Then came one of the loudest bangs that I have ever heard and I realized something way worse might happen then Emmeline waking up.  By then Josh was awake and up out of the bed.  I'm not sure why I thought he was going to go outside but I still begged him not to.  All I knew was that as long as we stayed inside there was at least a door between us and whatever had made that banging sound.
Josh called 911 and I went into the hall to try and hear what was going down.  It didn't register with me why the door looked funny at first.  I'm not sure I was totally awake yet.  After I stared at it for another minute I was awake.  They had tried to kick in our door.  The whole bottom half was bent inward and the hinges were broken from the door frame.  I stupidly inched forward to look though the peep hole to see if I could see anyone.  If they were going to mess with my family I was going to make sure I could ID them darn it!!  Some troublesome neighbors(I would later learn this was all their fault) were out in the stairwell as well.  The kickers had already trashed our other neighbors plants and some blood had gotten sprayed as well.
Thankfully the police responded super fast and were there within a couple minutes.  Which was really good because the kickers were getting worked up again and yelling.  Once they saw the cop car they scattered.  Luckily the police saw their car and hopped in and removed their car keys.  This did not stop them from running on foot however.
In the end it was just some stupid drunk people yelling at other stupid drunk people until they decided to get physical about it (and not the good kind).  In their drunken state they got turned around and thought our door was the other drunks door and decided to invite themselves in.  Thank goodness drunk people can't shut up because the other drunks came out and asked "what the BLEEP they thought they were doing?!" after that first kick to our door.
I freak out just typing it.  One more kick and they would have been in my house.  There was nothing I could do about it.  Nothing to keep them out.  No way to protect my thankfully still sleeping children (this would not have helped my third floor case with Isabella).  Total helplessness.  I have never loved the police more.  Still I felt guilty asking them to protect my family for me.
This terrifying experience has been a deciding factor for me.  I want a gun.  A big one.  I want Ronan's gun.

That way, if something like this ever happens again there wont be much of the kicker left to ID.


Chernobyl said...

Holy shizzle. That's nuts. I am glad you guys are safe!!

kat said...

Mmmm yes. Guns and Jiu Jitsu.

Chris Harris said...

I don't know who Ronon is, but my friend Ryan just got that P-90 and it is awesome. That would be a definite deterrent.