The End Of Another Season

Emmeine LOVES to ride.  That is a huge understatement.  She really opens but and progresses faster every time she has lessons.  Nothing can get her to talk like riding.  They only do 12 week sessions in the fall and spring because it gets to darn hot for the riders and horses.  Emmeline really misses it between sessions.  There is always a few weeks where she tries to give me directions to the stables.  Yes she knows how to drive there.  It is such an amazing opportunity that we wouldn't be able to have some where else.  We had a new instructor this session and she was great.  Emmeline really progressed this year.  We tried to new therapy where we would blindfold her while she was riding to try and develop whatever if any of her vestibular system was working.  She did pretty well with it.  She really likes to be in control so not being able to see was hard for her.  She even did two point once with it on! She is also very in to getting her picture taken lately so we did some end of the session shots today.  Pretty cute.

Her new instructor

her favorite thing about getting her picture taken is looking at them after

Picking her favorite

 This was another big step for her.  sensory wise treat time is a lot.

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Terra- Give me a Tail Wind said...

She's so cute! Both your girls have an awesome sense of direction. I remember driving Isabella back to Mom & Dad's after taking her to the Greenway...I thought I could take a short cut and she pipped up from the back that I was going the wrong way and I couldn't get home that way.
I still thought I could...until I had to turn around and admit to the 4 year in the back that she was right:)