All About My Isa

Well, mostly.  When I was at the hospital for Emmeline's MRI and CT earlier this week I saw a lot of families come and go int he waiting area.  I found myself wondering what their lives were like.  How for some of them this was probably new and scary and for others it routine.  I was am on the routine side at this point.  The only thing that was new for me was when a Nurse gave me a Starbucks gift card because they were running late.  Never had a hospital care about that before.
As I sat their thinking about everyone else's life I found myself lingering on one family in particular.  It was a family of 4.  Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister.  The Brother had special needs.  He was scared and antsy.  The Sister, although younger, was doing her best to distract him while they waited.   She was patient, and loving.  You could really see that.  Only adults can go back to the procedure area.  When it came time for her brother to go the Mom stood up to go back with him.  You could see the little girl get upset.  She wanted to stay with her Mother. She was probably about 5 or 6 and just as upset as her Brother was about what was going to happen, she was just trying to hide it from him.  Her Mom turned and gave the same little speech I myself have given so many times "It will be fine (Emmeline) just needs me right now.  I'll be back as soon as I can.  Don't worry."  Don't worry.  Yeah right.
They worry and they worry a lot.  About their sibling, you and your spouse, about everyone and everything.  Listening to Isa tell people about her sister has been heartbreaking and heart warming for me.  It is interesting to see how she perceives everything that has happened to us.  Having a sibling with special needs is hard.  Isa would never say that though.  I've tried to have little conversations with her about how it must be hard.  How sometimes it must bother her that Emmeline needs so much extra everything.  How she wont stay out of anything.  Isa has gotten down right offended at the thought of that. "It's Emmeline" she says.  She has loved her from the moment we told her I was pregnant.  That love has never wavered.  Even for a moment.  "It's Emmeline." Nothing even resembling resentment has ever come out of Isa's mouth.  She loves her sister.  Better yet, she thinks she's cool.
She plays with her, teaches her, stands up for her, and annoys the living daylights out of her.  They connect.  All Isa wants to do is help Emmeline grow and be happy.  Sometimes to the point of driving Emmeline crazy but Isa never gives up.  Her love and devotion amaze me. She has sacrificed so much of the things I'm sure a child her age would rather be doing.  I've had to say "no we can't because Emmeline has..."  so many times I would think she would hate her.  But she doesn't.  She loves her more.  She is her playground advocate, and her best friend.  It comes naturally for them.   You can see the connection.  I must admit I am slightly jealous.  But oh, so very happy and very, very grateful for my sweet Isabella Scott and the amazing big sister she is.

When she's worried

When she cuddles

When she comforts

When she supports

When her seat on the couch gets stolen

When she has to share her blanket

When she brightens the day

 When she "loves" so much

When she teaches

Whens she just wants one picture!

When Emmeline has to be queen of the tower

When it's really her day but she shares the spotlight

When she wants to be silly

When she loves to dress up

When it's already been a long, long day

I had a very hard time choosing pictures for this post but in the end I just had to pick at random.  Just know that there are hundreds more just like these.  With a sister caring and loving so much I can' help but smile every time I see that we were able to capture one.


Risë Harris said...

Great post!

Brittany H. said...

Great great post! I love seeing Dash show his friends how you have to talk to Claire so she will understand you. You're right, it's heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time. Oh, and the picture with the chopped off head is HILARIOUS!!

Terra- Give Me a Tail Wind said...

I miss your babies.

Maybe I miss you too...