The See Ya Later

I have tried to write this post many, many times. I never make it past looking at the pictures though. I really hate crying and every time i try and sift though them I cry. I had never even heard of ECI/CDSA until we were being discharged from the hospital. We were lucky to have a great social worker during discharge because I have heard stories of others who were so lucky. She set EVERYTHING up for us and gave me a list of people to call to possibly get more services we might need later on. CDSA in NC did their best but most of them (excluding one) didn't know how to even begin handling Emmeline. She was the most medically complicated child in the county and probably that they had ever seen. I loved them. They were sweet and loved my kid but we didn't see a ton of progress there.
When we moved I was nervous about meeting new therapists. I don't really like appointments or talking to strangers. They were of course amazing. They listened to me and all my concerns. They loved Emmeline and pushed her hard. She grew by leaps and bounds. She has gone from a non communicator that could barely sit up to the little ball of energy that runs around my apartment bossing her sister all day.
As the dreaded 3rd birthday drew near I decided to have a birthday party with Emmeline's best friends. Her therapists. Sadly in the end only a few could come to the actual party but it was still a great (and heartbreaking) day. It was great to have one last in home visit with them. I have already crashed one of their staff meetings to see people and I'm sure it wont be our last.

the gift table

All dressed up for her party

I have never served a store bought cake at my kids birthday. Ever. Emmeline was very clear that this is the one she wanted though. Hey, it's her party.

It never fails that I can let Emmeline pick any bag of chips she wants and she get Cheetos EVERY time.

They brought her balloons so most of the pictures I have are like this.

And this.

They got a gift for Emmeline and Isabella. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these people!!!

PT. "Um, Lala what are you doing in my picture?"

Speech. I just love how Emmeline is looking at her. You can see the love.

We had some how ended up with 3 therapy balls.

After everyone left she needed to do some comfort eating.

I can't really accurately describe my feelings for these wonderful people. This post probably doesn't really make much sense. I don't do well with emotions but at least over the internet you can't see me cry so that is a plus.


Terra said...

She looked so cute!

I loved that photo of her looking at Isabella:) It really does look like she's thinking "what are you doing in my photo?"

That child is going to take over the world...you can just see it in her face.

You throw the best parties Baskets for the guests? I totally would have gone if I'd known!

Also...I agree with Emmeline. Chettos are the bomb;)

Brittany H. said...

She is so adorable! That is a great idea, inviting the therapists...I'll have to remember that one. Isn't it amazing how excited people get over your child's accomplishments? It feels so good to know that there are really wonderful people out there who truly care and celebrate with us!

Chernobyl said...

Because cheetos ROCK!! MMmmmm...fried, florescent orange, fake cheesy goodness...NO, that's not all I got out of this post. But mostly.