A Little Seussy

Sometimes I wish
and hope and dream
Of things I want to Be

Not just in my head
But where everyone could see

Where the whole world could feel
my excitement and zeal
Not for an illusion
But for a world that is real

But today it's not there
Or it's to small to view
Not just for me
But also for you

There used to be energy
And sparkle and light
But now my poor heart feels
It's not worth the fight

The fight to stay here
In this cold empty place
Became only harder
By the look on my face

So my light got shut out
It could no longer stay
Not with my outlook so stormy and grey

The wood of my soul
Is too wet from the tears
And my life has become crippled
By all of my fears

So now
I try and work and fight
To dry that wood with all of my might

The work will be hard
The goal long to achieve
But I wont give up

One day in the future
My wood will burn bright
In hopes of helping others
To put up a fight

But the thing that I hope we all get to see
Is that I will be happy
As things happen to Be.


Brittany H. said...

I like "not just in my head"--my greatest dreams are really nightmares because I know they are unattainable, so maybe that makes them wishes and not dreams...I hope you can find things to do each day that make you truly happy! Like writing, perhaps? :)

Josh said...


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